About us

About us

A story of effort and dedication

AvoFresh is a 100% Mexican company that focuses on providing agricultural services of the highest quality for trade nationally and internationally. Our agricultural marketing services provide products of international standards and at a competitive price.

Since 2015, AvoFresh has consolidated its relationships in terms of fruit and vegetable production in various states in Mexico, being able to offer attractive volumes for domestic and foreign consumption. Similarly, AvoFresh relies in its entirety on PetroM Logistics, the logistics division of PetroM Corp., taking advantage of the solid commercial alliance it has in terms of transport, logistics, export, and forwarding for all the products offered by the firm.

Therefore, AvoFresh has the capacity and vision to maintain the long-term relationship of foreign trade of Mexican products with its international buyers in a healthy, efficient and fruitful manner.

A new generation of agriculture

Production on request

We offer custom production services for buyers and investors who know the benefit of ensuring a harvest that yields effectively.

We have an extensive network of strategic partners that are producers in diverse regions of the Mexican territory and that produce with the highest quality and agricultural excellence in a consistent manner, competing internationally for decades.

With excellence in planning and financial capacity, our company guarantees production on demand for global marketing and meeting or exceeding international quality standards.

National and international trade

We are a company directed towards the strengthening of multilateral foreign trade relations with Mexico and its agricultural producers.

With a clear vision of agricultural trade in a global tenor, our company carries out the planning for the placement of national product in the multinational market in a strategic and methodical way, based on updated information from the same points of sale in each nation and thus guarantee the appropriate return and maintain the operational flow.

We rely on our commercial network and relationships with points of sale in strategic locations around the world to always push our reach to new horizons.



We are experts in forming national agricultural production chains where, from planning to sowing and harvesting, we are effective in carrying out productions on request. Our company bases its commercial activities on the key results of our studies with which we dedicate ourselves to create supply chains based on supply and demand at a national and international level.

At AvoFresh, we empower the commercial operation with clear and efficient processes for each step of "agromarketing". Our company leverages our allies in transportation, logistics engineering and foreign trade knowledge to meet our objective.

Orgullosamente, nos reconocemos como líderes de opinión en agroindustria porque reforzamos nuestras complejas relaciones comerciales en todo el mundo con hechos y no promesas.

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