Services for agro-industry


Production on request

We offer custom production services for buyers and investors who know the benefit of ensuring a harvest that yields effectively.

Trade consulting

We provide consultancy and evaluation of agricultural trade projects at a national and international level to make sound decisions.

Project development

We are experts in the engineering of critical routes for efficient agricultural production.

Specialized marketing

We focus on providing national and international points of sale for specific products to position it in commercial alliance with our group.

Integral transport of merchandise

We offer transport solutions at a national and international level, through our strategic alliance of agricultural trade.

Registration management and regulation

We integrate a specialized service for management and administration for sanitary and product registrations.


Vision in agricultural trade

  • Opportunities for Mexico

    Commercial agricultural products come mostly from three areas of the country: the tropical zones of the Gulf of Mexico and Chiapas, the irrigated lands ...

  • Reinforcing Agricultural Production

    The cultivation of grains is the most important aspect of agriculture in Mexico and represents 50% of agricultural production.

  • Production Quality

    Mexico has a territory of 198 million hectares of which 15% are dedicated to agricultural crops and 58% are used to ...

Our knowledge

at your service

AvoFresh is a 100% Mexican company that focuses on providing agricultural services of the highest quality for trade nationally and internationally. Our agricultural marketing services provide products of international standards and at a competitive price.

Since 2015, AvoFresh has consolidated its relationships in terms of fruit and vegetable production in various states in Mexico, being able to offer attractive volumes for domestic and foreign consumption. Similarly, AvoFresh relies in its entirety on PetroM Logistics, the logistics division of PetroM Corp., taking advantage of the solid commercial alliance it has in terms of transport, logistics, export, and forwarding for all the products offered by the firm.


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